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Carlton Grant

Milton Samuda

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Carlton Grant - Managing Director


To start and manage a successful company in the 21st century, one must have vision, experience, courage, an entrepreneurial spirit as well as the ability to inspire others.

Carlton was born in Kingston, Jamaica then in the mid 1970s his family moved near Toronto, Canada. During the 1980s, Carlton graduated from high school with honors then studied engineering at Carleton University in Ottawa. It was at Carleton University that his entrepreneurship emerged. He and a friend formed a company, Weston Grant Inc. to subsidize their University education. With the help of the Royal Bank of Canada and the Youth secretariat they wrote a business plan, acquired a $2000CDN loan and started their summer business, a moving company.

Weston Grant Group of Companies emerged as one of the top transportation and warehousing company in Ottawa. Capturing over 4% of the market with an initial growth of over 40% per year. This prompted Carlton to set aside his engineering studies and switch majors to business and economics at the University of Ottawa. He did this while multitasking his duties as President and CEO of Weston Grant Inc.

As a young entrepreneur in Ottawa during the early 1990s, Carlton was recruited by the National Capital Region's Black Business & Professional Association to be Chairman of their business committee. Acting on his belief in the social and corporate responsibilities of business in society, Carlton began to assist various non-profit organizations as well as being a crusading employer of black youth in the Ottawa area.

In 1999 International Communication for Management Inc. (ICM) working on their major telecommunication project hired Carlton. While employed at ICM Carlton gained experience and knowledge of the High Speed Access/DSL and Network Systems industry. He had the opportunity to work with and learn from high tech executives in the US and Canada.

With this technical knowledge and entrepreunal background Carlton later joined the Marketing Consultant team at Starfire Technologies International. Starfire Technologies was a publicly traded high tech company that dealt in web based marketing products.

In 2000, at the end of a vacation in Negril with his close friend and new media advisor, Carlton decided to remain in Jamaica to see if he could start a web based company employing and training local talent.

After a year and a half of exploring the market and with the support of his new media advisor, he joined forces with Zed Communications Inc. of Ottawa, Canada. The result was a company now known as Agency Zed Productions, Jamaica Ltd.

Carlton's success derives from his experience, knowledge, persistence, flexibility, and work ethics. He believes that the communication process is the foundation that successful organizations are built upon. Once you have established effective communications with your employees, customers, suppliers and community, innovation can emerge.