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Donald Osbourne - Director

Don Osborne has an extensive back ground in running business operations in Canada.

A Graduate from Carlton University with a degree in Sociology and Law as well as a Social Work education, Don was able to take his learning and 20 years of experience working with children and turn it into a private enterprise. Don was one of the original owners in a business venture that set up a private for profit Children’s treatment centre. The need to manage the day to day operations of the business and the clinical treatment needs for upwards of 50 children has provided Don with the ability to see situations from all angles. Managing and supervising staff, handling Government regulations and developing policies, attending to the day to day financial operations and overseeing the welfare of an organization has given Don the hands on experience that is required in today’s changing economic and business landscape.

In recent times, Don has become part of a dynamic Film Production company, Zed Filmworks Canada Inc. and the background in business has served him well. Presently sitting as the Business Director of Zed Canada, Don has been managing the financial affairs involving funding from outside sources, government tax submissions, day to day operations and business planning for the company. Zed Filmworks Canada inc has been one of the most prolific small production companies since its inception May 2007 and continues to move forward with creative and innovative films.

Don was brought in as a part of Zed Jamaica in 2005 as a contributing partner for support around business planning, strategic partnerships and overall company structure.  Don’s dealing with government agencies and structure in Canada as well as his sense of operational structure has been a valuable support to Zed Jamaica. His relationship with managing partner Carlton Grant has spanned over 25 years, dating back to their friendship and business association at Carlton University and this has been an asset in dealing with the business of growing Zed Jamaica.