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Ray Zwicker

Ray Zwicker - Senior Consultant

  1. 22 years experience in strategic planning of high-profile national & international multi-media projects
  2. New media strategist with proven leadership and project management experience
  3. extensive knowledge of traditional and e-communication fields
  4. skilled in policy research, analysis, planning and implementation
  5. Skilled at leading multidisciplinary teams and coaching
  6. 10 years experience as a senior government union representative with extensive knowledge of  labour relations specializing in conflict management processes

Ray has over 20 years experience in communications and in that time has developed most types of  traditional government communication products such as news releases, briefing notes, reports, analysis, marketing products, articles, talking points, questions & answers, strategic, marketing and outreach plans.  His speciality since 1993 has been in multi-media with an emphasis on the strategic use of new media products such as e-learning modules, webcasts [video on-line], web sites, web content and discussion forums.

He has ssuccessfully led many multidisciplinary teams that use multi-media tools to support, promote and explain government plans, policies, programs and priorities to internal government, Canadian and international audiences. 

Ray directed the following projects which required project management and leadership skills to plan, organize, manage, direct and guide the work of consultants, subject experts, technical specialists, partners and participants from multiple government departments and agencies involved in the planning, design and delivery of strategic web sites and multi-media consultation tools in support of Government priorities and programs. Examples of these projects include: PublicPress Outreach Web Site, Parliamentarian Web Site, E-Collaboration and E-Consultation tools, numerous Webcasting Events [for Canadian Members of Parliament] and Content manager of Communication Canada’s public web site. I also directed the development of award winning high-profile cutting-edge international web sites that incorporated on-line discussion forums, chat rooms, audio and video web casts, extensive photo libraries and international content such as The International Conference on War-Affected Children Web Site and Safe-Lane Canada’s Official Anti-Landmine International Conference web site.