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Jamaica Teachers’ Association 44th Annual Conference

Dear Teacher:

Zed Jamaica congratulates the Jamaica Teachers Association on the celebration of their 44th Annual Conference.  Over the years, this conference has served as a gateway to new ideas, instructional tools, and best practice methods leading to educational excellence.
It is in this tradition that Zed Jamaica is pleased to announce their introduction of RenWeb School Management Software to Jamaica and the wider Caribbean.  RenWeb’s web-based system is designed to transform the way schools manage, revolutionizing the flow of information and student progress reporting.

With RenWeb, teachers are provided the latest technology enabling them to deliver grade progress, final reports, and communication with ease—from any location where they have Internet access.  RenWeb is easy to use, and teachers will literally wonder how they managed before RenWeb.  Tasks like recording attendance, entering grades, writing reports, etc are made easy.  Best of all, teachers can carry forward their planning and communication from home—easing the burden of long after-hours at school.

Here is a sneak preview of a few RenWeb features for teachers:

  1. User-Friendly Classroom Tools: Attendance and seating Charts,  
    Lesson Planning, Progress Reports, Gradebook, Report Cards

  2. World-Class Communications Tools: Teacher Web Pages and
    feature-rich automated email that promote greater communication
    between home and school, increased parental involvement and
    improved student performance.

  3. Complete School Management Tools: Student Records with access
    to medical alerts, parent/teacher conferences, discipline referrals

Toward this end, Zed Jamaica is pleased to introduce Mark Wile, Vice-President of RenWeb Software.  Mark leads the international division of RenWeb and manages the global interest in this software solution.  Over nearly 20 years leading up to 2004, Mark refined his management philosophy as a professional educator and administrator.

Conference members and special guests are invited to hear Mark speak at 12:30pm on Tuesday August 19th, 2008.  This is an opportunity that should not be missed as Mark explains to teachers and administrators the transforming power of RenWeb.  See you on Tuesday August 19th at 12:30pm!


Carlton Grant
Managing Director
Zed Jamaica Limited