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The issue of education has emerged front and centre as one of the most important activities that the region will need to come to grips with.  Jamaica of course remains at the centre of this endeavor.

There is no doubt that if we are to compete and grow within this new global village, how we optimize our educational resources will continue to increase in importance.

Both economic and social advances are inexplicably tied to the quality our educational accomplishments.

Zed’s strength is based on our interactive web and multimedia experience as well as our realization that to succeed, we must break the mould of complacency and offer a fresh strategic approach to our education system.

To this end, we have determined to bring to Jamaica and the Caribbean, cutting edge technologies as it relates to (SMS) Schools Management Systems. We have partnered ourselves with RenWeb, a world leader in School Management Web Based Applications.

We believe that this web based school management system will revolutionize the way schools are managed in Jamaica and the Caribbean.  This management solution facilitates interaction in real time between the ministry, school and parents.

We have demonstrated the system to various schools, principals as well as the Minister of education with great success.

With the help of the private sector Zed Jamaica and RenWeb are planning to do ten to fifteen pilots throughout Jamaica, hopefully ready for September. We strongly fell that if the education system in Jamaica is to be improved it has to come through the effective management of the “School System” and the private sector can play a positive role.

If you are interested in sponsoring a school, please contact our office