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Subsidized Costing for Sponsors-Pilot Project

The cost to our sponsors per school is approximately Fifteen Thousand United States Dollars, US$15,000.  This amount will includes licensing, installing the system, configuring the system to the schools requirement, loading current student’s information, faculty and management training.  We will also include a basic website for each school and design an interface to import student’s financial record to the accounting system.

Accounting Software

We understand that most schools currently have an accounting system installed.  Renweb School Management Software will be able to interface with most Accounting Software.  Zed Jamaica will create an interface program to upload the Renweb Student’s financial data to the applicable accounting software.

For schools that would like to install a robust mid-market ERP software we have partnered with Makeyla Solutions, – who is currently contracted to implement a Financial Management Software for the Government of Jamaica – Parish Councils.  Makeyla Solutions will assist these schools in providing a suitable software to provide accurate financial management reports and analysis to the School’s Management and the Ministry of Education.

Website Management

The Parents Web will be a very important tool for parents to browse to the schools web address where they will find the Renweb login to view their child’s record.  Zed Jamaica will design a website for the schools, keeping in line with the government standards for website development.

This website will be vital marketing tool for the sponsors and may include links, advertisements, news item, etc. 


With fifteen (15) schools implemented with Renweb School Management System.  The number of students, teachers and parents who will immediately feel the impact of this will exceed 50,000.  We believe that this is a win-win situation for the schools and the sponsor.

As a major sponsor, your organization will also be rewarded with the corporate accolade of being a major contributor to the transformation process taking place in education. Your organization will have access to a large teacher/student population for ongoing conversations.  Your organization will have access to develop and distribute merchandising pieces with even discreet messages.

Your organization will be contributing to:

  • Improved family life
  • Improved data management
  • Improved student performance
  • Improved accountability and transparency
  • Improving the community

Benefits to the Ministry of Education

  1. Real Time Access
  2. Regional Reporting
  3. Financial Reporting
  4. Teachers qualification

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