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Target Schools for this Project

Zed Jamaica has identified the following schools for the pilot project.  Most of these schools are already equipped with the e-learning infrastructure and high speed internet.

  1. Clan Carthy High School
  2. Vauxhall High School
  3. Immaculate Conception High School
  4. Donald Quarrie High School
  5. The Queens High School
  6. Ardenne High School
  7. Kingston High School
  8. St. Andrew High School For Girls
  9. Mona High School
  10. Excelsior High School
  11. Wolmers Boy School
  12. Ascot High School
  13. Bridgeport High School
  14. Tivoli Garden High School 
  15. Penwood High School
  16. Irwin High Schools
  17. Charlie Smith High
  18. Tarrant High School

Rural Areas:

  1. Oracabessa High School
  2. Oracabessa Primary School
  3. St. James College
  4. The Junior Plus School
  5. Victory Academy School

Zed Jamaica will be implementing the Renweb School Management Software in these schools with the partnership of our Sponsors