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It is with great pleasure that I write this endorsement letter for RENWEB in that God richly blessed us with this technology and made our school more efficient and effective in delivering our mission.

The energy of the administrative team is now focused on relational needs and not on processing records and the maintenance of the paper work. It has allowed us to reduce personnel costs in the office and shift resources to the classroom. Taking and maintaining attendance records is now a breeze! The office knows within seconds when a student is tardy or absent in any class. It decreases our exposure to liability because of how quickly we have current attendance information. The school no longer needs the services of aids for the purpose of picking up attendance slips, once again allowing the school to save and focus more resources on the classroom.

The Web based program is giving the teachers quicker and more convenient communication with the parents. The parents love it because they can access their children’s grades and discipline report any time of the day or night. The teachers are enjoying the support of parents because the parents are receiving substantive information on their children in a professional manner. The teachers also love having the ability to email grades or discipline concerns on the spot.

The schools I have served before had computer software to manage the records of student and families, staff and financials, but in comparison to the ease, speed and user-friendly nature of RENWEB; it is like trying to compare the difference between driving a car with square wheels with a Nascar winner!
The organization that uses RENWEB will have their socks blessed off! - David Culpepper, Superintendent

RenWeb worked with me to design our own transcript, which mirrored that of public schools.  RenWeb automatically takes the data from report cards and plugs it in the transcript.  All I do is print and send it to the college. Scheduling classes for the entire student body next year will take me a matter hours, not my entire summer.  RenWeb will do all the scheduling for me! I am not usually a “computer person”, so I was afraid to use it, but this software is very user-friendly. Robin Hutchins (Guidance Counselor)

Bob Wilbers [the owner] is always so calm when I present an issue to him.  It’s like there’s no challenge too great for his software.  If I accidentally mess something up in my system, RenWeb can always put it back the way it was.  I think Bob actually likes the challenge!  Carol McGuire (Administrative Secretary)

WOW...thank you so much for creating those unweighted GPA reports.   They are incredible.  Everyone I meet that would need a business such as yours, I inform them that Renaissance is the best and the most helpful.  You, and all the folks I have spoken to when I call in, (I know Kim the most) are so great.  Way to go!!
Sandie Wile (Registrar)

I can’t prove this, but I actually believe the grade averages among our students, especially junior high, have actually gone up as a result of RenWeb.  The reason for this is because now mom or dad is waiting in the carpool line at the end of the day with a print out from RenWeb of the student’s grades and missing assignments and the problem is corrected that day.  Before we had RenWeb, it could be weeks before a parent even knew the student failed to turn in an assignment and that resulted in lower report card grades.  Jeff Potts (Upper School Principal)

Just thought I'd tell you that I think Deborah is great! So are you and Kim. All in all, RenWeb Tech Support is the most wonderful group of people I know. Louise - St. Thomas Acquinas