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RENWEB changed our lives!  I have an A.D.D. son who doesn't always remember what his assignments are.  RENWEB allows me to check daily to see what homework has been assigned and what tests are coming up.   When my children are ill I can check RENWEB to see what work was completed in class that day.   

It also allows me to check grades in a timely manner.  I can respond to teachers immediately while in RENWEB.  I get a much faster response communicating with teachers via REBWEB than trying to set up a conference.   If I see a low grade or a zero on a paper many times there is time to make up work or bring grades up during a semester.   With RENWEB there are no surprises when report cards come out. RENWEB is the best tool a parent can have.  I would be lost without it! Cathy Guinan (parent of 2 high school students)
Fantastic service!  Easy to access and useful in the data provided.  Thanks a bunch.  A wonderful tool to track student progress and status.  It may well provide the information required to intervene when needed before small problems become big problems. Randy Dill
This is terrific software for parents.  I am so pleased with what I am able to see.  Now, I finally will be able to visually know what is going on in class.  This is our first year with this school and this is a good start and very encouraging.  Thanks so much for this new blessing.  Terri Pason

Great website.  I especially like the homework section where I can check the homework assignments and make sure that my child is keeping up with their homework during the week.  The email addresses for all the teachers are also helpful. Thanks for putting this together! Bill Benninghoff

I think Renweb is the best thing my child's school has done in the 8 years we have had children there!  What a great way to help parents be proactive in keeping students on track.  We will refer to the homework assignment page every week to help us plan, and being able to see exactly which chapter or assignment may have given our child trouble helps us target our at home assistance.  You are great Renweb! Meaghen Rawlings

This is a great web site.  I talked to my daughter about it, and she said you don't have to look at that website everyday.  I said, well I want to look at it everyday, I love it! Thank you, Angela Lewis


I absolutely love Renweb.  It is the answer to parent involvement.  Even though my daughter is away at boarding school, I can still be aware of her progress.  In fact, I am much better informed than when she attended school and lived at home - and because it is so detailed, I can also identify where she may be having trouble.  Thank you for developing this wonderful software package.....I wish that every school in the nation could be fortunate enough to have it.....it would certainly strengthen the connection between schools, students, and families...... Renweb, you are phenomenal! Lenora Barnes-Wright