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Robert Menzies - Director of Client Service


All communications solutions are inextricably linked to the technology that helps define them. Harnessing complex, ever-changing technology to maximize the delivery of communications messages is essential. Which makes the unrivalled experience of Robert Menzies so crucial.

Robert has over ten years experience in the area of Web-based marketing communications and project management skills.

His extensive experience in communications covers a wide range, from brochures, entertainment CD-ROMs to Web applications and strategy. In 1994, Robert was the marketing manager on an unparalleled web entertainment project with Corel and Animatics Interactive. With a North American target market, Robert researched and developed innovative ways to market a leading edge web adventure. He was responsible for selling the concept to such clients as Honda USA and Labatt Breweries, and executing a North American newspaper advertising plan.

During his time at INTRANET Technologies, Robert oversaw the company from the inception of Web-based consulting to the corporate purchase by Agra Inc, a multinational engineering company. While Manager of Development he focused on expanding the business and creating new marketing opportunities resulting in a $3 million leading-edge Web-based development company.

As managing partner of Spire Wired Inc, a web communications and strategy company, Robert grew this company to 25 employees and an impressive client list of both high tech and federal government. Clients included Alcatel, JDS Uniphase, Nortel, Cognos, Eftia, Corel and many others.

Robert has also assisted in defining the concept of Web strategy and has actively researched and marketed the concept for the past five years. The end result has been Internet/Intranet/Extranet strategy contracts with clients such as the Prime Minister's Office/Privy Council, Alcatel, the Ontario Provincial Police and JDS Uniphase.

Robert has also been responsible for business partnering. Strategic partnerships have been formalized with Agra Systems, DMR, Fulcrum, Microsoft, Simware, ACCPAC International and Allaire. He has also delivered multiple Intranet-related speeches for seminars by Microsoft and Allaire.

With 10 years of working in the communications services industry in Ottawa, Robert has an extensive network of the city's best resources, able to deliver a wide range of services. Under his direction and management, these high-end contractors provide Robert the virtual community to delivery outstanding work that lives up to his reputation.

In September 2001, Robert Menzies was awarded the Young Entrepreneur Award for Ontario by the Business Development Bank of Canada.